Sree Dattha Institute of Pharmacy


Sree Dattha Institute of Pharmacy   COLLEGE CODE: SDIP

SDIP - Sree Dattha Institute of PharmacySree Datta Institute of Pharmacy was established in the year 2005.

Now the institution grew substantially with five specializations in M. Pharmacy– Pharmaceutics, industrial pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical management and regulatory affairs specialization. Another feature has been added to the cap this year called Pharm. D. It is a 6 year course with an intake of 30 students.

The college is established in a lush green area of 75000 sq ft. with highly developed infrastructure consisting of spacious classrooms, digital libraries, and R & D labs. The profession of Pharmacy is focused to the health and well being of the suffering community. This professional course has diverse scopes in the employment from Community Pharmacist to Research Scientist.

With more than 500 pharmaceutical companies manufacturing modern medicine with Industrial standards second to none, Hyderabad is considered as the Pharmacy hub of Asia. We have recognized the potentiality of pharma industry in this area and moulded our education system to provide career opportunities to the aspirants. We thrust education is a beacon of light in the voyage of life.

Pharmacy Courses


Includes a wide variety of curriculum with multi dimensional facets which covers Pharma chemistry, Pharmaclogy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Path physiology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Physiology, anatomy and Health Education, Pharmacy Administration and Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence



Pharmaceutical Management and Regulatory Affairs : 

specialized course deals with Preparing, reviewing, communicating, submitting registration, documents on Pharmaceuticals to regulatory agencies to get R&D, testing, production& marketing approvals, issue related to patents.

Pharmaceutics : 

specialized course deals with production / manufacture and formulation and process development bulk drugs and intermediates, bioavailabity studies various stage of packing of pharmaceuticals

Pharmacology : 

specialized course deals with Drug discovery –Drug Toxicology-Drug interactions reverse engineering of finished medicines, vaccines and other biological products, veterinary medicines, ayurvedic medicines, diagnostic products and medical devices

Industrial Pharmacy : 

Specialized course deals with Formulation and process development, up scaling from pilot to manufacture, trouble shooting, stability and packaging development Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality assurance-specialized course deals with product testing throughout the life cycle of drug and finished product- Quality Management.

Pharm – D

Pharm-D and Pharm-D (PB)-specialized course deals with community pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy and Practice ;implemented in India so as to meet the international standards of Pharmacy Education