Following committee members are hereby informed to execute the responsibilities of their committee till further notice. The details are as under:


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To review the maintenance and repairing work of equipment, electrical, Fire extinguishers, CCTV , scientific equipment , electrical. Equipment, Playground equipment and other planned maintenance work such as painting all wall of surfaces, replacement of floor tiles, furniture repairing, drainage pipe line cleaning, daily cleaning of building gardening and provide time bound solution for such work from time to time.


3.1. Conduct the physical review of whole infrastructure including of equipment, electrical, Fire extinguishers, CCTV, scientific equipment, lift services, electrical equipment, and Playground equipment at least once in a three month.

3.2 Conduct four meetings in a year to review and record the maintenance and repairing work carried out during the period and to take necessary decisions for further work. Maintain the minutes of meetings in the proceeding book.

3.3 Identify the agencies for the maintenance work as per the need.

3.4 Carry out any other maintenance work which may arise.

3.5 Time bound solution to maintenance and repair work shall be the priority of In-charge and its committee.

3.6 Prepare the SOP and procedures for the activities need to be modified as per the need

3.7 Submit the annual budget foe maintenance work before commencement of academic year or as per the circular from the office.

3.8 In-charge shall daily view the maintenance book kept at store for taking necessary action on the maintenance and repairing work. For any major work, necessary decision shall be taken by calling the meeting.

3.9 In-charge and members of the committee shall take feedback about the work done by the agency person through established mechanism and interaction with the stakeholder of appropriate section/department.

3.10 The committee shall not supersede the rules and regulations of JNTUH.

3.11 The in-charge shall see the need and preparation of any other documents for the committee/display if required.