The major equipment purchased is entered into the stock register along with the date of purchase, name of the article, cost of the article, vendor supplied, and break down if any, maintenance if required. Service requisition is forwarded by the lab in charge to the HOD, and the HOD in turn sends a requisition to the principal for the repair. After sanction approval is received by the HOD, the department carries out the required work. An inventory is made in the register about the nature of the repair carried out along with the date. The same procedure is applied for any equipment used in the laboratory, computers, furniture, building repair, etc., The Institution also provides maintenance budget for the department. In addition to the maintenance of the academic area, the hostels, canteen etc, is also undertaken. White wash and painting of the building is done periodically. A Gardner looks after the maintenance of the garden along with his sub ordinate staff in clearing, watering, de-weeding, maintenance, lawns and horticultural equipment and record keeping. The electricians ensure timely serving of diesel generator sets, as per the manual supplied by the manufacturer. The college building, toilets, are periodically maintained by the concerned staff, with de odorants and keep them in hygienic condition. The institution has 13 number of buses, with valid permits and driving licenses. One faculty in each bus is made route in charge, who keeps the details of the travel on daily basis along with maintaining the discipline and resolve problems, if any on that route. The drivers believes safety of the students first, and next speed. The vehicles are periodically serviced and maintained by the authorized automobile agency and fitness certificate is obtained from the RTA, TS. One male teacher and one female teacher is identified as hostel wardens for boys and girls respectively for monitoring and functioning of the hostels along with the student representatives. The calibration measures are decided based on the frequency of use of equipment. Calibration is done internally by metrology lab in charge of mechanical department. Institution takes the help of agencies like, Perfect Electronics for calibration of equipment. Usually the calibration is done once in a year. Similarly the vehicles used by the students, faculty and other are periodically checked once in 5000 Kms. The institution has 100 KV solar plant, 120 KV generator backup and UPS to protect the equipment against voltage fluctuations. Electric earthing is provided at all important locations and is maintained periodically. Fire extinguishers are provided in all hazardous places. Purified drinking water is provided in the college through water coolers. Monitoring and Assessment of the current state of repair of facilities are carried out frequently by the members of housekeeping and maintenance committee. Based on their observations the necessary steps are taken to rectify the problem. A maintenance book kept and reviewed periodically by the In-charge of maintenance committee and appropriate agency is contacted for necessary action. The action taken is noted in the maintenance book.
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