Strategic Plan

Rain Water Harvesting

Water is used for drinking purposes, canteen, toilets, laboratory, and gardening. The institute ensures that the water wastage is minimized at an optimal level and the leaky taps and pipes are under regular check and hence no loss of water is observed, neither by any leakages nor by overflow from overhead tanks.
Rainwater harvesting is a technology used to collect, convey and store rain water for later use from relatively clean surfaces such as a roof, land surface or rock catchment. RWH is the technique of collecting water from roof, Filtering and storing for further uses.
The college has implemented rainwater harvesting (RWH) within its campus for storing and reuse and it has reduced its dependence on water tankers, saving lakhs of rupees every year. The water is treated in RO plant. Gardens are watered using drip/sprinkler irrigation system to save water.

Pics for Proof:

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