Objectives of IQAC:

IQAC facilitate and contributes:

  • To focus on the functioning of college for quality enhancement and facilitate quality culture. IQAC contributes to institutional quality by setting benchmarks in quality enhancement initiatives.
  • For augmentation and integration among the various activities of the institution and institutionalize many good practices.
  • To provide a sound basis for decision making to improve institutional functioning.
  • To enhance internal communication.

IQAC Strategies:

IQAC has developed mechanisms and procedures for:

  • Responsible development and application of quality parameters in various areas of operation of the institution, ensuring timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic and administrative task and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning and evaluation.
  • Establishment of reliable evaluation procedures ensuring the adequacy, maintenance and functioning of the support structure and services.

IQAC Functions:

  • Development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters for various academic and administrative activities of an institution.
  • Dissemination of information on various quality parameters of higher education.
  • Organization of project expo ,workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles.
  • Documentation of the various programs / activities leading to quality improvement Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR).
  • It contributes to institutionalizing quality initiatives namely innovative teaching methods, faculty development programs, improving research and extension, infrastructural development and environment friendly practices.

Some Quality Initiatives Under IQAC:

  • Incentives to staff members for achieving 100% results in the end semester examinations and improvining the student attendance.
  • Workshop on " soft skills and communication skills for professional effectiveness" for non teaching staff.
  • Workshop on "Moral Values, Ethics, Behavioural Sciences & Attitude" for faculty.
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